Available Consultations on Practical Witchcraft.

Exists just one type of complete learning and that is full time learning.
During the course you will acquire some theory basics and groundwork practices in the places of force (energy spots).
In addition, you will also learn some initiation rites.

In case you accept distant learning/tutoring (via Skype/ICQ/Viber/WhatsApp), I take the responsibility to provide you with theoretical basics and further correctional practices.
This way of tutoring fits those who are already involved in any tradition or rite and acquainted with the basics.

Working techniques at the force sites: forests, fields, rivers and etc.
Settlement and obsession.
Working with mirrors. Working techniques with wax, lead, etc.
Basis of the Universe. Laws of the Universe.
Sources and Locations of Force. Types of Energies.
Basis of Diagnostics. Personal Energy Potential.
Development of the Second Sight.
Basis of Cosmoenergy. Nordic Traditions. Runes.
Work with Handmade and Natural Egregors.
Necromancy. Work with the spirits of different order.
Shamanic technology. Alchemy and herbs.
The establishment of thinking commands through the intentions.
Establishment of egregors.
Rituals´ order. Taking into account agenda, time and etc.
Work with crossroads.
Working techniques at the cemetery.