About Me


“Welcome. In the world I am Rolan.”

In the witch-world, I am called Lorien.

I am not worried about earthly concerns and all my life belongs entirely just to practice. Today thanks to my Force I can lend a hand to you if you are in trouble and solve your life problems that you have recently faced.
I come from Slavic lands, places of hereditary witches and sorcerers. Received long training and initiation, I was authorized for witchcraft practice and personal people business. It is possible to reach me out from anywhere on planet.
I receive personally and work remotely with people from all over the world. You have a problem, I offer you real ways for it to solve. I’ll help in your difficult personal situation and business.
Ordering a call from site, understand – it’s not a free trust line or helpline. I provide assistance, true solutions and detailed consultation in your situation. From psychological support or simple conversation, the situation itself will not change a lot and you will hardly get what you want.
I guarantee full confidentiality and safeness of correspondence.

You can address to me:

WhatsApp & Viber: +4915759715996 Телефон: +37 (281) 387 071 Estonia +38 (095) 153 32 09 Ukraine +49 (157) 597 15 996 Germany
“Send your questions, name and photo.”
“Either call from the site.”
E-mail: t@rlorien.com Skype:
Magician | Voodoo/witch doctor. I work officially (Sbst.). Extension of invoice is possible (Eu.)